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Prague Castle, Royal gardens
Czech Republic Prague Mini Breweries Festival Minipivovaru Planturista

Mini breweries festival near Prague Castle

15.06.18 - 16.06.18

For fanciers of czech beer and good party :)

Piazzale Michelangelo
Italy Gelato Festival Ice Cream Planturista

Gelato festival in Europe

14.09.17 - 17.09.17

Italian ice cream in all its tastes, forms and colors

Germany Munich Oktoberfest Planturista

Oktoberfest Beer festival in Munich

22.09.18 - 07.10.18

Everybody knows this word – Oktoberfest :)

Factory Nacka Strand
Sweden Stockholm Beer Whisky Festival Planturista

Stockholm Beer and Whisky festival

27.09.18 - 06.10.18

The main whiskey festival in the world and the largest beer festival in Northern Europe

City center
Switzerland Lugano Autumn Festival Festa Autunno Planturista

Autumn festival fair in Lugano Switzerland

05.10.18 - 07.10.18

Swiss fair and folklore parties initiated to the beginning of the autumn

Market Square
Finland Helsinki Baltic Herring Market Planturista

Baltic herring market in Helsinki

07.10.18 - 13.10.18

Freshly fished and freshly salted baltic herring

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Festivals and Fairs in Europe | PLANTURISTA da Planturista Blogger

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