22.06.17 - 25.06.17

In June, in Switzerland there will be again held the famous Yodel festival (JodlerFest), annually visited by 15,000 (!) yodel singers and 150,000 guests.

Jodel is singing only sounds without text, made by rapidly changing the voice register. In the mountainous Switzerland yodel was used for communication, especially between the herdsmen. In modern times Swiss yodel is maintained as tradition and cultural heritage of the country.

Yodel festival is held in the town of Brig-Glis, located in the French-speaking canton of Valais. This Alpine town offers the ideal conditions for yodel: the reflection of sounds from the rocks around creates a strong mountain echo, enhancing yodel sounds.

Another invariable symbol of Switzerland is Alpenhorn – an alpine horn, which is also an indispensable attribute of folk festivals in Switzerland and of course an essential element of Yodel Day in Brig. Alpenhorn was used to inform the inhabitants of the surrounding villages about the dangers, but gradually over the years it has become a traditional musical instrument of the Swiss Alps.

At the Festival in Brig Glis the yodel and the alpenhorn together create the most authentic atmosphere of Switzerland.

The brief program of Yodel festival:

Performances and concerts – 23/06 from 01.00 pm to 10.00 pm and 24/06 from 09.00 am to 10.00 pm

The opening ceremony of the festival – 23/06 01.30 pm

The official ceremony of the festival – 25/06 at 09.00 am in the gardens of the Castle Stockalper.

The Festival Parade – 25/06 at 02.00 pm: the colorful costumed parade

In general, the events of the Yodel festival will be held from 01.00 pm 23/06 to 08.00 pm 25/06 almost without interruptions.

The guests of the festival can enjoy all this time staying in the Yodel Village and walking along the Yodel Alley, being deeply in atmosphere of mountainous Switzerland, sounds  of yodel singing and flavors of Swiss delicacies delivered to the festival right from the alpine farms.

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Yodel Village and thousands alpenhorns in the middle of the Alps