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29.08.18 - 07.09.18

The Rheingau region has been famous for its winemaking and wines since the 12th century. Being very small in area, this region plays an important role in the development of winemaking in Germany, as it is located in a very favorable climatic region for raising the grapes – on the right bank of the Rhine at the place where the river changes its direction. The most famous sort of grape here is Riesling (or Rheingau Riesling).

Every year the famous wineries of the Rheingau region arrive to the Wine Festival in Frankfurt on the Main to present their wines. Guests can taste more than 600 sorts of white and red Rheingau wines – from the lightest fruity ones to the exclusive wines highly appreciated by Queen Victoria, thanks to whom these wines have gained wide popularity in Europe.

The Wine festival in Frankfurt is held in the most popular and visited area of the city – in the pedestrian street Freßgass (literally: Grazing Street), named so in the early 20th century due to the huge number of cafes and restaurants located here. Originally this name was used simply in everyday communication between local residents, but later it acquired the official status. Freßgass Street is the main culinary district of Frankfurt and filled with numerous restaurants and boutiques.

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