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18.05.18 - 19.05.18

The Wine Festival “Prague drinks wine”, which will be held in Prague for the third time, can boast with deep historical roots: such meetings of winemakers were annually organized yet in the times of the former Habsburg monarchy.

More than 70 winemakers from Central Europe – Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy and of course the Czech region of Moravia – will present to guests of the festival more than 400 sorts of wine produced in small family wineries following the special authentic centuries-old wine techniques.

About 95% of all Czech vineyards are located in the Czech historical region of Moravia. In South Moravia the best natural and climatic conditions are provided for grapes: calcareous soil and mild warm climate. That’s why, the wine produced in the Czech Republic, traditionally is named not Czech but Moravian wine.

Moravian wine is produced in small territories and in small quantities, so it is not easy to find it on store shelves. At the Wine Festival in Prague, guests can have degustation of all the diversity of Moravian wines, well-known in Europe yet since the Middle Ages.

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The famous white Moravian wines and 400 sorts of wine from small vineyards of Europe