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31.10.18 - 18.11.18

The value of a mushroom Truffle was discovered yet by the Etruscans, and later the ancient Romans actively supported this culinary idea. The name Truffle comes from the Latin word “tuber”. Truffle is extremely valued by gourmets and can reach a value of several thousand euro.

The most rare, valuable and expensive is White truffle (Tartufo Bianco). The season of white truffle is autumn, when professional “truffle hunters” (tartufaio) with their dogs, trained to find truffles, prowl the Italian forests in search of rare mushrooms.

And when truffles are found, in Italy the truffle autumn begins:  festivals, fairs and dinners with culinary dishes, the main ingredient of which is of course a White truffle.

The White truffle festivalTartufesta” will be held in October-November in the small Italian town of Carbonara di Po, province of Mantua, the Lombardy region, located about 170 km east of Milan.

Tartufesta in Carbonara di Po invites guests to an Italian dinner with delicacies of Lombard cuisine, where all dishes of the menu are “tartufati”, that is, they contain truffles, for example, polenta with truffles, tortelli with truffles, ravioli with truffles and other Italian culinary specialties with white truffles.

In addition to the truffle dinner guests of the festival in Carbonara di Po are invited to visit the Truffle Fair and the Fair of local delicacies of the Lombardy region.

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Risotto with white truffle and Delicacies of Lombardy