Switzerland Zurich Turnip Lanterns Parade Richterswil Planturista

Extremely impressive spectacle, included in the Guinness Records Book, is held every November in the Swiss town Richterswil, located not far from Zurich near Lake Zurich.

The electric light is turned off in the evening everywhere in the town and in the darkness along the main street the parade of thousands of locals goes – they carry huge (3-5 meters) shining structures made in the form of palaces, houses and animals.

These objects shine because of 50,000 candles, and those candles are placed inside white turnips! The turnips  (30 tons!) with candles are joined together in unusual, about the idea and design, constructions.

The Turnip festival and parade “Räbechilbi” is incredibly popular since the early 1920s, and attracts thousands of visitors with its creative and magical atmosphere.

As the main character of this holiday is a turnip, here the guests of the festival can buy turnips as well as try a variety of local specialties made of turnips.

Turnip lanterns parade in Switzerland da Planturista Blogger
The parade of giant lanterns made of turnips, near Lake Zurich