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01.04.18 - 30.04.18

Each spring the Tulip Festival in Amsterdam fills the whole town with lots of huge flower beds, flower pots and vases with colorful tulips.

The entire country Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, is worldwide famous for its tulips growing in this country everywhere – on the flowerbeds and window sills, as well as on huge flower plantations that supply fresh tulips to half of the world. The popular and worldwide famous image of the Netherlands – a Dutch mill on multicolored fields with tulips.

The Tulip Festival adds to the standard urban environment of Amsterdam colors and flavors of flowers, proclaiming the motto – “Tulip for every citizen of Amsterdam!”. And this aim is really achieved –  about 800 thousand people live in Amsterdam, and the number of tulips in the city during the festival is also very close to this level :)

During the festival, tulips in Amsterdam can be found everywhere, but the most real tulip kingdoms with tulips of all types and colors are placed in 60 locations in Amsterdam – see the official website of the festival.

Tulip Festival in Amsterdam da Planturista Blogger
Half a million blooming tulips in the streets of Amsterdam