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10.03.17 - 26.03.17

Italy is exceptionally rich in harvests of the famous mushrooms Truffle. This delicacy was much appreciated already in Ancient Rome, and in modern times it is very valuable, rare and for this reason – a very expensive product.

In the Italian region of Tuscany, there are even three kinds of truffles, in different seasons of the year. So in summer, the Tuscans search the black truffle Scorzone, in the autumn – a rare white truffle, and in the spring the time of a truffle Marzuolo arrives.

It is this spring truffle that is offered for guests in March by the Truffle Marzuolo Festival in Certaldo (Sagra del Tartufo Marzuolo). The Tuscan town of Certaldo in the province of Florence: the birthplace of the famous Italian writer of the early Renaissance – Giovanni Boccaccio.

Truffle Festival has been held in this medieval town for almost 30 years, and every year guests are invited to taste the culinary delicacies of Tuscany with a rare mushroom Truffle Marzuolo.

Truffle tasting is held as a lunch/dinner of several traditional Tuscan dishes with fresh truffles Marzuolo. In addition to truffle dishes, guests can taste also other delicacies of Tuscany – sausages, cheeses, wine and freshly baked bread.

Truffle Marzuolo festival in Tuscany da Planturista Blogger
Tuscan spring and pasta with truffles in the homeland of the Italian writer Boccaccio