Italy Bevilacqua Tortelloni Festival Sagra Del Tortellone Planturista
14.09.18 - 29.09.18

In a small Italian town Bevilacqua – province of Ferrara, region of Emilia-Romagna – Tortelloni Festival (Sagra del Tortellone) has been held each year already almost 30 years.

Tortelloni is pasta with filling, one of the most famous Italian dishes. Tortelloni in Italy are served as a first course, as all other pasta dishes. Usually tortelloni are dressed with special sauce or just butter and sage.

In Italy, tortelloni can be found in any store, but the most delicious tortelloni are of course the ones that are cooked of fresh pasta and filling, made only manually and only of the fresh natural ingredients, as many centuries ago. Such tortelloni are offered for tasting at the Tortelloni festival in Bevilacqua.

Here there are the traditional tortelloni with ricotta cheese, and tortelloni with pumpkin, and tortelloni with walnuts, and many other types of tortelloni, cooked by traditional recipes of the region of Emilia-Romagna.

Guests can choose and taste any kind of tortelloni, or even to order tortelloni Tris: at once three kinds of tortelloni on one plate! :)

Tortelloni festival in Italy da Planturista Blogger
Traditional Italian tortelloni near the medieval Ferrara