Switzerland Locarno Tortelli Festival Planturista

The dessert Tortelli is spread all over Italy, but is called differently depending on the region: for example, «castagnole» – in Emilia-Romagna and «fritole» – in Venice. The word “tortelli” is used for this dessert in the region of Milan and in the neighbouring Italian-speaking part of Switzerland – canton Ticino.

For tortelli they prepare yeast dough, which is divided into small balls and fried in boiling oil, and cooked tortelli are sprinkled then with powdered sugar. Tortelli can be with cream filling or without, but in any case their fragrance can let no one indifferent :) Usually tortelli is a typical dessert of italian carnivals.

The main ingredients of the dessert are similar in all regions, but confectioners have their culinary secrets of special tortelli, which can be cooked only in one region or only in one town.

No exception also for tortelli at Tortelli festival in Swiss commune Solduno, located near the tourist town of Locarno. Already for many years on Saint Joseph’s Day the confectioners of Solduno cook tortelli by local recipe, always strictly kept in a secret.

Tortelli Festival in Locarno Switzerland da Planturista Blogger
Delicious tortelli in boiling oil