Color Run Night London Planturista

Festival of colors Holi is very popular all over the world – see Festival of colours Holi

The new stage of the festival is Color run with the distance of 5 kilometers with strewing of colorful powder for those who prefer to spend time with both health benefit and pleasure :)  – see The Color Run

And the most advanced version of the festival of colors includes in its program the unique combination – run, colors, music and night: “The Color Run Night“.

Runners also need to run 5 kilometers under the rain of colors, but in this case the run is held in darkness of night among the lighting effects. So five kilometers of this festival are not only the happiest, as Colorful Run usual slogan says, but also the most sparkling ones.

And at night runners will have music party in already adored  by them atmosphere of colorful maelstrom :)

The Color Run Night in London da Planturista Blogger
Run in the colorful clouds of night London