Italy Venice Carnival Planturista
27.01.18 - 13.02.18

The history and traditions of the Carnival in Venice are so popular around the world, that it attracts annually over half a million visitors, who come to watch the colorful spectacle and take part in carnival processions and performances.

The Carnival of Venice has for many centuries been a festivity, removing all class and social differences between the participants – at the carnival all are masked, so no one can recognize nobody and everyone on the carnival may play role of any theatrical character. Just this lack of social conventionality has always been reason of such popularity of the Venetian carnival with its art masks and decorations.

Carnival procession, theatrical performances at the San Marco Square, fireworks, luxury balls in ancient palaces – all this noisy colored avalanche during two weeks whirls Venice in the maelstrom of carnival masks, music and masquerades.

Carnival of Venice da Planturista Blogger
Venetian masks and ball-masquerade