France Nice Carnival Planturista
17.02.18 - 03.03.18

The Carnival in Nice is one of the most famous carnivals of the world – more than a million visitors each year come to see this grand spectacle of huge sculptures and million flowers.

Every year the carnival has a new name, depending on the chosen theme. In 2018 the Carnival is called “King of Space“.

The Carnival King of several tens of meters height leads long parade and followed by thousands of his royal entourage, consisting of dancers, musicians, huge mermaids, dragons and other carnival characters.

Specially for the carnival’s “Flower battles” designers-florists create huge baskets of thousands of flowers, from which the girls throw around bouquets of roses, tulips and violets.

An essential attribute of the carnival are small aerosols, spraying colored long “spaghetti “, immediately solidifying in the air, hanging on everybody around and turning all the carnival space into a colorful kaleidoscope.

The Carnival in Nice da Planturista Blogger
The Carnival King of 6-storey house’s size and varicolored "spaghetti"