Switzerland Basel Tattoo Parade Planturista
18.07.18 - 28.07.18

The Parade of military orchestras Tattoo in Basel (Basel Tattoo) has been held annually since 2006 and is internationally recognized as the second in its level and importance after the Royal parade Tattoo in Edinburgh – among all the parades Tattoo, held in the world.

The Tattoo Parade in Basel each year includes military orchestras of all the world – pipers, drummers, military musicians and folk dancers from all the continents. Indispensable participants in the annual parade in Basel – 30 riders of London Cavalry Regiment.

Basel Tattoo is held in the city center on the territory of the former military barracks of the Basel garrison – Kaserne Basel. The special arena for 7,500 spectators is constructed for the festival, and for every day of the parade all the tickets are sold out for hundreds of thousands of festival guests from around the world who come to visit the famous Tattoo Basel and to explore a bit Switzerland.

Tattoo in Basel Switzerland da Planturista Blogger
Military orchestras from around the world and London Cavalry in the arena of the former military garrison