Taste Festivals Restaurants Planturista
20.09.18 - 23.09.18

The first Taste Festivals were held more than 10 years ago in several cities of Europe, and now the territory of these gastronomic festivals has expanded all over the world: annual festivals are held in the largest cities on all the continents. In all the cities the name of the festival begins with the prefix “Taste of …”.

In each city, Taste Festival offers the guests to taste the best restaurant food and wine, as well as visit the cooking demonstrations by professional chefs.

The festival includes the best restaurants of the city, sometimes even ones with Michelin stars. Each restaurant is presented at the festival with a mini-kitchen and a small cafe.

All dishes are presented in small portions so that the visitors might taste the largest quantity of different delicacies.

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The greatest festival of restaurants in the world in different cities of the planet