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The English word «brunch» is formed of two words – breakfast and lunch. Brunch is a late breakfast gradually turning into lunch. And it is important that breakfast and lunch are for one big company of tens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people.

In Switzerland, brunches are very popular, and the word “brunch” is known to everyone. Brunches are often held on farms or in the center of towns and small villages on the occasion of a national or city holiday. Guests at the brunch traditionally sit at long tables, have breakfast and lunch, talk, sing and dance. Friendly, tasty, funny – these are the key words of the description of each brunch :)

Swiss delicacies right from the mountain farms and Italian dishes of the best restaurants, tasty food and good company, a long table on the waterfront of a lake and Alpine mountains: all at once and in one day is offered to locals and guests by “City Brunch” in Swiss town of Lugano.

Lugano is a particular town in Switzerland, not similar to the other ones, with its special atmosphere, architecture and mentality. Italian style and Swiss punctuality, fashion brands and alpine cuisine are close neigbours and good friends in Lugano.

Brunch on the lake promenade of Lugano promises to be particularly grand and spectacular in its idea and style. The best restaurants will cook for the brunch’s guests Swiss and Italian culinary specialties, and farmers will bring Swiss cheese, sausages and other food delights of mountain farms.

Brunch ticket price – 35 swiss francs (5 francs of this sum will be given for charity). A guest with the ticket, during the day – from 11.30 to 16.30, may taste an unlimited number of dishes and eat unlimited volume of food :) The price of the brunch ticket doesn’t include only drinks, so it is necessary to pay more just for juice / wine – depending on preferences.

And for a case of rain there are special tents that will be quickly opened over all the tables, letting guests to continue enjoying with breakfast-lunch on the waterfront of the Swiss lake :)

City brunch near Lugano lake da Planturista Blogger
Italian breakfast and Swiss lunch - City Brunch - in the city center near the lake and the Alps