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29.06.17 - 02.07.17

As experienced bikers say, Harley Davidson – it is not just a motorcycle, Harley Davidson – it’s a lifestyle!

In summer, for 4 days, Italian-speaking Swiss city of Lugano is immersed for 100% in Harley style. Bikers from all over Europe arrive to Lugano for H.O.G. European Rally 2017!

During 4 days of the festival, 25’000 (!) motorcycles are parked along all the main streets and squares of Lugano. At the heart of the city numerous mini-fairs offer huge assortment of biker accessories, the concerts are held every evening, and cafes and restaurants invite guests to taste the Swiss and Italian specialties and drinks.

And all Lugano is filled with thousands of bikers and just simply curious guests of the festival, fascinated by incredible quantity of motorcycles around.

By the way, during the festival, anyone can feel himself in the role of a biker and rent a motorcycle for a couple of hours or for the whole day in the city center.

And when there is really irresistible wish to rent a motorcycle at least for half an hour, it is during Harley Davidson Parade, held on Saturday – the grandest Parade of Harley Davidson in Switzerland!

At the agreed time 3500 (!) motorcycles at once, one by one, slowly begin to go from the city center. Gradually, the parade occupies the whole central street Lungolago along the lake, creating an endless stream –  about 10 km – of roaring motorcycles. Within an hour, all the bikers leave the city and make a small trip around the lake enjoing with Lugano mountain surroundings.

Swiss Harley Days in Lugano da Planturista Blogger
The parade of 3500 Harley Davidson motorcycles next to the lake in the city center