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20.04.19 - 12.05.19

In the far 19th century, the inhabitants of Nuremberg decided to celebrate King’s birthday in their city. So they would have opportunity to express their respect for the monarch, and to have a holiday at the same time. The celebration was lasting 3 days – fairs, concerts, costume performances, horse races, archery – the festivity was so successful and the locals of Nuremberg liked it so much that they decided to hold it annually.

And gradually, the celebration of the monarch’s birthday has turned into the bustling and cheerful Folk festival Volksfest, which gathers all the farmers and artisans of the Southern Bavaria, who bring to the Folk fair products from their farms and various handicrafts.

Besides Folk fairs, Volksfest in Nuremberg is especially famous for its bright rides and roundabouts of the most modern level, gladdening both locals and numerous guests, who arrive to Nuremberg to ride on the carousels, taste the famous Nuremberg sausages “3 im Weggla” and drink authentic Bavarian beer :)

Initially Folk Festival in Nuremberg was held only in the autumn, but then it has become so famous for its fairs and so popular for its roundabouts, that now it is organized annually also in the spring.

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The famous Nuremberg sausages and the most popular rides in the southern Bavaria