Czech Republic Prague Soup Festival Planturista

Soup festival in Prague (Polívkování) offers a huge variety of soups from around the world.

In the first place the festival presents of course an extensive menu of the famous Czech soups (polévky): for example, bramboračka – potato soup with vegetables or kulajda – soup with mushrooms, potatoes and sour cream.

Besides the Czech cuisine you can also taste here the most famous soups of all the world: Mexican chipotle, Spanish cocido, Russian borsch, Japanese ramen and many other soups, cooked by original recipes of national cuisines.

After soup degustation, the guests can enjoy delicious Czech desserts and drink a couple of glasses of the famous Czech beer.

In 2017, Soup festival in Prague is held twice: 25/03/2017 and 21/10/2017.

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International feast of soups of all over the world