Italy Borgo San Dalmazzo Snails Fair Planturista
04.12.18 - 09.12.18

Snails fair (the Italian name “Fiera Fredda” – Cold Fair) appeared in the Italian town of Borgo San Dalmazzo many centuries ago, when the inhabitants of the nearest villages came to the town in early December to make all the necessary purchases for the winter – later unpredictable weather of the region might not let them get outside the village.

The main tradition for farmers, who arrived to the fair with their families – to visit the local restaurants where their traditional menu were pork sausage with sauerkraut and famous alpine snails, served with special sauce of olive oil, pepper and garlic.

Since then, all the local cafes and restaurants always, and especially in the days of the Snails fair, try to show their best skills of cooking snails, looking for old recipes in alpine cookbooks and inventing new ones.

At the fair you can taste all kinds of snails dishes and many other local culinary specialties and of course to buy the snails for cooking this delicacy at home.

Snails fair in the north of Italy da Planturista Blogger
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