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«SlowUp Ticino» is the day of the fans of hiking and biking and it is held annually in the Italian-speaking Swiss canton of Ticino. The whole day 50 km of the road is closed for cars and offered only for cyclists and hikers.

The itinerary starts in the touristic city of Locarno, near the famous Lake Maggiore, and finishes in the city of Bellinzona, near the famous medieval castles, listed in UNESCO World Heritage.

Along the route, during the day «Slow Up Ticino», it is possible to ride a bicycle, to rollerblade or just to walk. This cycling – trekking route can be started and finished at any point of the itinerary and at any time during the day. Participants have absolute freedom of actions: to set a goal to arrive to the finish line the first one or just leisurely stroll along the lake among the Alps, enjoying lake-mountain scenery and sometimes even stopping in the Swiss cafes to have a cup of coffee or eat rösti/pizza – depending on the preferences.

«Slow Up Ticino» doesn’t have any restrictions of distance or time. Participants can just take a break from the urban bustle and to visit the very beautiful places of the Swiss Alps, in a cheerful and friendly company of several thousand fans of hiking and cycling.

SlowUp Ticino in Switzerland da Planturista Blogger
50 km of the alpine road for the whole day just for walking and cycling