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Ski marathon “Engadin” is one of the most important world skiing events held in the eponymous mountain valley in the Swiss Alps near the famous ski resort of St. Moritz. The Engadin – it is not only the main ski cross-country race in Switzerland and the second one in the world, but also the special atmosphere of sports passion, attracting each year thousands of participants and fans.

The special feature of this ski marathon is that both professional skiers and just fans of skiing may participate in the race. More than 13,000 (!) skiers start all together at the small village Maloja not far from St. Moritz and – for their own enjoyment and for delight of numerous fans – overcome bravely a 42-kilometers distance along snow-covered mountains and frozen lakes amongst the alpine villages.

Professional skiers surely have aim to win the race and amateur skiers – just to check their ski skills, to admire the surrounding picturesque scenery of the Alps, and to feel as a participant of the real professional ski competition of the international level.

To participate in the marathon you need to register online in the event website (see below) and to pay registration fee. Fee includes the expenses of participation in the race, including transfers and lunches.

Apart the main part – the ski race – the Ski marathon Engadin also offers participants and guests the rich entertainment program, even more increasing the ski-sports atmosphere of the prestigious Alpine resort.

Ski marathon Engadin in the Swiss Alps da Planturista Blogger
13000 skiers on the ski track of the fashionable Alpine resort