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17.11.18 - 12.01.19

What could be more fantastic and magical than the real official residence of Santa Claus? Yes, that man with a beard and gifts. And it is not so difficult to find him – he lives all the year round in his house in Santa Claus Village in winter Lapland near the Arctic Circle.

It is impossible to feel the magic of Christmas more than in the forest village of Santa Claus near the decorated fir trees and funny elves in red caps.

Arriving in the Village of Santa Claus, be sure to:

  1. take a picture together with the real Santa Claus
  2. ride reindeers
  3. cross the Arctic Circle
  4. see the Northern lights
  5. send Christmas greetings with the official postage stamp of Santa Claus
  6. explore all the Christmas gifts at the Christmas fair
  7. meet with elves and other fairy tale characters in SANTA PARK and together with them visit Elves school and Ice gallery.
Santa Claus Village in Lapland da Planturista Blogger
Elves school and crossing the Arctic Circle on the reindeers of Santa Claus