Italy San Terenziano Porchettiamo Porchetta Festival Gualdo Cattaneo Planturista
18.05.18 - 20.05.18

Porchetta is a roast pork roll cooked to a special recipe, with the addition of spices. Porchetta can be eaten just as a separate dish, and also as a kind of sandwich: panino con la porchetta – the most traditional variant at the festivals and fairs.

Porchetta for Italians of Central Italy is more than just a culinary dish. Porchetta is a tasty and not expensive meat snack, a centuries-old tradition of folk festivals, and on the whole it is a close association with the holiday and fun.

That is why the Italian festivals, the main food of which is the Porchetta, are called Porchettiamo, that in translation from Italian means “We are eating porchetta,” or “Let’s all together eat a bit of porchetta!” :)

To the Porchetta festival Porchettiamo in the town of San Terenziano – commune of Gualdo Cattaneo, province of Perugia – porchetta manufacturers arrive from all regions of central Italy. Each one presents porchetta of his region, and each region certainly has its own special recipe of porchetta.

Guests of the festival can enjoy all traditional porchetta at once, try to identify the main differences between the receipes, and even vote in the contest for the most tasty porchetta.

Porchetta festival Porchettiamo in Italy da Planturista Blogger
Let's eat porchetta and have fun at the festival!