07.07.17 - 08.07.17

The Festival Pink Night (La Notte Rosa) on the Adriatic coast of Italy has been held for more than 10 years and it attracts more than two million guests annually.

Initially, this festival was invented in Rimini for tourists – vacationers at sea and eagers for discos and entertainments. But the idea of holding Summer New Year on the beaches of the Adriatic was so successful that gradually all the cities of the coast began to join this pink holiday, and now the Pink Night is held along the entire sea coast of the Emilia-Romagna region with a length of more than 110 kilometers!

At the weekend of the FestivalLa Notte Rosa” all the cities of the Adriatic coastline are colored in pink – from ice cream and sunglasses up to the color of the beach and sky, illuminated by lasers. Numerous bars, beach cafes, nightclubs, discos – everything is in pink colors, including even food and cocktails.

The pink color in the Riviera is considered the color of relations, feelings and hospitality, so it was chosen as the color of this noisy summer festival that unites sea, music and night parties. And in this hospitable pink style, all weekend the Adriatic hums, sings and dances together with famous singers and bands performing music in all cities along the coast.

Closer to the night, all this pink holiday, along the entire coastline, is lit up by great fireworks – of course also of pink color :)

Pink Night La Notte Rosa on the Adriatic coast da Planturista Blogger
Pink cocktails and non-stop disco at the seaside