Italy Milan Re Panettone Fair Planturista
17.11.18 - 18.11.18

Panettone fair “Re Panettone” (“King Panettone”) is held each year in November in Milan – 50 confectioning companies offer visitors Christmas cake Panettone, prepared with special recipes and different ingredients.

The unique Milanese Christmas cake is famous all over Italy of its long history and legends, and sure –  of its exceptional taste, which can’t be confused with any other confectionery bread. This unique cake is prepared with a special recipe, on the basis of yeast and they generously add to the dough the colorful candied fruits. As a result, cake Panettone is tender, sweet and exceptionally tasty.

The place of origin of Panettone is Milan, where the cake was first made with its current standard recipe. For centuries, confectioners make experiments and try to add in panettone more and more new ingredients, up to the mustard and ginger.

At the fair only natural panettone are presented, for cooking of which only natural ingredients are used. Here you may taste all panettone for free and buy those ones which are the best for you.

Fair Re Panettone in Milan da Planturista Blogger
Fair of the famous milanese Christmas cake Panettone