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Pancake Day is annually held in London on Shrove Tuesdayand the main object of everyone’s attention on this day is of course pancakes :)

The most famous activity of Pancake Day is Pancake Races: the funny race’s participants run with frying pans, on which – during the run – they have to flip pancakes, tossing them up.

To toss a pancake up and to catch it back, and besides during a fast running is a real challenge, so unfortunately some pancakes land not on pans but right on the ground.

But it doesn’t upset the participants and guests of the races – many restaurants of London in Pancake day invite visitors to take a break from races and to taste freshly fried pancakes cooked in various recipes.

Pancake Day in London da Planturista Blogger
English lords running throughout London with pancakes on frying pans