Switzerland Ticino Cantine Aperte Open Wine Cellars Das Merlot Planturista
19.05.18 - 20.05.18

The wineries of Swiss canton of Ticino annually hospitably open their doors (Cantine Aperte) and invite guests to get to know wine production, local wines and wine cellars, which are often placed in authentic ancient buildings, architectural value of Switzerland.

Winemaking started in Ticino long ago, but the real international popularity of the local wine was got in the early 20th century, when the grape Merlot was brought from France to the south of Switzerland. This grape has accustomed to the new habitat so much, that now it takes 85% of the territory of all Ticino vineyards and gives possibility to produce annually about 4 million liters of wine “Merlot del Ticino” – the wine of ruby color, with exquisite taste, but of rather high strength.

During «Cantine Aperte» (Open Wineries), guests can talk with professional winemakers of Ticino, to learn the secrets of good wine production and to taste the best wines of the southern part of Switzerland, including an internationally recognized vintage wine Merlot Ticino.

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Open doors in wineries and wine cellars of the Italian part of Switzerland