Italy Umbria Frantoi Aperti Olives Harvest Planturista
01.11.18 - 25.11.18

The Italian region Umbria, called “Green heart of Italy”, is famous not only for its green hills and plains, but also for thousands years traditions of culture and crafts.

Even at present the pride of every Umbrian farmer is its own olive grove. In autumn olives are carefully picked and delivered to the production of olive oil.

Olives harvest is the most important and significant period in life of the region, when people not only work hard, but also celebrate brightly one more successful harvest.

All over the region during several weekends, the farms producing olive oil open their doors for visitors – the festivity “Frantoi Aperti“, when any quest may see the real process of olive oil production.

Traditionally the holiday is opened with Olive oil festival “Festivol”  in Trevi .

Olives harvest holiday Frantoi Aperti in Italy da Planturista Blogger
Visiting of the real Italian small olives oil farms