Germany Munich Oktoberfest Planturista
22.09.18 - 07.10.18

During two weeks of Oktoberfest festival there is arrival of the organized and not very organized companies of friends, much interested in Munich and Bavarian atmosphere. But mostly in Bavarian beer which is presented here in all its range and quality.

Oktoberfest is 14 large beer tents, amongst which the visitors with beer glasses in their hands are walking, much impressed with such variety of birra :)

According to the traditions Oktoberfest sells only real beer of Munich which follows all the quality rules of Bavarian beer.

The detailed program of each day can be found in the official site of the festival.

Plan a couple of free days for the end of September, call the friends and arrive in beer Bavaria! :)

Oktoberfest Beer festival in Munich da Planturista Blogger
Everybody knows this word – Oktoberfest :)