Italy Pisa Capodanno Pisano 25 March Spring Planturista

For the most impatient travelers the Italian town of Pisa in March 2019 offers to celebrate start of the next 2020 year! It is in spring – March 25th – for many centuries Pisa celebrates New Year, not waiting for December 31 th.

The date March 25th is very close to the spring equinox, i.e. the beginning of a tropical (solar) new year. This is proved annually by the “sundial” of the town: at noon on March 25th a ray of sun goes inside the town’s cathedral through the round window and illuminates the marble ball in the center.

Start of a new solar year in the town includes the costumed procession with flags, medieval dances and concerts, and in the evening – traditionally for New Year – bright fireworks.

New Year on March 25th in Pisa da Planturista Blogger
Tropical New Year 2020 in March 2019 near the famous Leaning tower of Pisa