Hungary Budapest Vagta National Gallop Horce Racing Planturista
15.09.17 - 17.09.17

Historically the Hungarians like very much horses and fast horseback riding. All the world knows that many of them are excellent horse riders.

The opportunity to show off the brilliant riding skills is National gallop Vagta – horse racing, taking place in Budapest, on one of the main squares of the city – Heroes’ Square. The area is filled with sand, the fences and other necessary attributes are installed – and horse stadium is ready.

More than 100 towns of Hungary choose their best jockey in regional competitions. Therefore, the best of the best riders arrive to take part in the horse racing in Budapest.

It is important that horse racing Vagta in Budapest is not just riding, but also on the whole Hungarian folklore event with wine and gastronomic markets.

Vagta National Gallop in Budapest da Planturista Blogger
The horse race Vagta in the center of Budapest with the best jockeys of Hungary