Spain Vic Medieval Market Fair Planturista
06.12.17 - 10.12.17

More than 100 000 visitors each year arrive to the Spanish town of Vic for Medieval market, naturally suitable to the atmosphere and architecture of the town.

This is one of the oldest towns in Catalonia, which has in its architectural appearance Gothic, Baroque and even some elements of the architecture of the famous Gaudi. Vic and its surroundings are well-known about production of smoked sausages and Catalan sausage. Since the Middle Ages the town is the center of  farms’ commerce and trade fairs.

The Medieval fair in this medieval city looks like a natural element of the town’s life – in the midst of the medieval houses, in the center of the town, there is the huge medieval market with more than 300 stalls, offering medieval food, drinks, clothing, jewelry and small medieval craft souvenirs.

The Medieval market in Vic also represents the diversity of local products, delivered from farms – meat, cheese, the famous Catalan sausage and fresh vegetables and fruits. At the fair visitors can also try the local delicacies and to see the work of medieval craftsmen, and all the town will be filled with the sounds of medieval music and theatrical costumed performances in the style of the Middle Ages.

Medieval market Vic in Spain da Planturista Blogger
The Medieval fair in the center of the Spanish medieval town Vic