Italy Monteriggioni Medieval Festival Festa Planturista
05.07.18 - 15.07.18

The Medieval Festival in the fortress Monteriggioni (Festa Medievale di Monteriggioni) for a few days recreates in small details the life of the Tuscan town of the Middle Ages.

800 years ago the fortress Monteriggioni was a powerful defense construction, inside the fortified walls of which there was a small town. Currently Monteriggioni continues to be a bright example of the architecture of the Middle Ages, and each year – during the festival – returns a true medieval flavor to its walls and narrow streets.

During the Medieval Festival in Monteriggioni all the town lives in history and traditions of the 14th century, following the medieval style of clothing, food, work and entertainments. In the central square the acrobats jump, the jesters dance and the locals walk around in the medieval costumes.

The medieval artisans offer products of medieval Tuscan crafts and the medieval street vendors offer to taste specialties of Tuscan cuisine which can be bought only with medieval coins :)

In the evening in all the streets of the fortress there are lights everywhere – of course not electric ones but the medieval torches, and at the night the fireworks sparkle over the fortress walls!

Medieval festival in Monteriggioni Italy da Planturista Blogger
The medieval fortress with the medieval coins and fireworks