Portugal Madeira Rali Vinho Madeira Wine Rally Planturista
03.08.17 - 05.08.17

Madeira – autonomous island-region of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean – is often named as the island of “everlasting spring” because of very mild and comfortable climate all the year. Madeira doesn’t have extreme temperatures, it is neither too cold nor too hot here. That is the reason that Madeira is always tropically greenery and luxuriantly blooming.

And it is here on this fabulous island you can visit the famous International autosport Madeira Wine Rally (Rali Vinho Madeira). The name is given in honor of local wine Madera.

The Madeira Wine Rally starts in the town Funсhal where the guests can closely see all the racing cars of the competition. And then the route goes around the island in so much mountainous terrain that nobody can predict the weather for sure because at any moment might rain. Just this unpredictability and challenges of many stages of the route attract professional European and national racers.

All along the route there created special places for comfortable campings of thousands of the rally’s guests.

Rali Vinho Madeira Wine Rally da Planturista Blogger
International auto rally in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in Madeira island