France Lyon Light Festival Planturista
07.12.17 - 10.12.17

Light festival in Lyon continues the old tradition of the holiday on December 8th, when locals light candles in the windows and balconies of their houses. Candles are put into small glass shades, sparkling magically in the darkness.

Following this tradition, the festival of light also creates glowing objects in the city, but the level of performance of light installations suits the highest technologies of the 21st century: almost 100 objects of light art for a few days immerse the entire city in a fantastic space of light roads and bridges, colorful balloons floating in the air around and music among the glittering trees.

Every year several millions of visitors arrive to visit this small high-tech planet of light art.

Light festival in Lyon da Planturista Blogger
The fantastic planet, created by the best masters of the light art