France Menton Lemon Festival Planturista
17.02.18 - 07.03.18

The Lemon festival in Menton – the festival of citrus fruits – lemons and oranges – attracts with its nice citrus fragrance 250 thousand visitors each year.

The total entourage of this festival in Menton and the details of the program surprise with the colorfulness and the level of fantasy of designers who can combine separate fruits in huge yellow-orange constructions.

Houses, towers, animals and various geometrical figures of citrus fill the garden, which is illuminated at night, doing the orange and lemon patterns even more bright and unusual.

During the festival at day and night time the citrus parades are held, where the main characters – certainly tasty lemons and oranges, in costumes of which participants are dressed, walking through the streets with houses of lemons and dragons of oranges.

Lemon festival in Menton da Planturista Blogger
Patterns with 10 meters height of 145 tons of lemons and oranges