Germany Munich Knight Tournament Kaltenberger Ritterturnier Kaltenberg Planturista
13.07.18 - 29.07.18

In 1973, the Bavarian prince Luitpold visited a jousting tornament in England and was so much impressed by the performance that decided to organize similar historic show in his native Bavaria.

The Bavarian castle Kaltenberg, located not far from Munich, was chosen as the venue of the tournament. In the very beginning, the event had local popularity, but gradually over the years has become the biggest knights tournament of the worldKaltenberger Ritterturnier.

The atmosphere of a medieval castle, the attention to historical details of the Middle Ages and generous investments of the prince – all together have contributed to the fact that currently Kaltenberg Knight Tournament is attended by the hundreds of thousands of visitors each year: both participants and just guests – enthusiasts of chivalry and the Middle Ages.

All the days of the festival – from the morning till late night – are filled with medieval activities: knights in armor show their prowess of possession of swords, riders compete in equestrian competitions, magicians amuse the audience with their tricks – in general, more than 1,000 actors and musicians present the performances of the highest level of professionalism.

One more nice detail in addition to all of the above – right in the castle Kaltenberg they brew the real Bavarian beer, which the guests of the festival degustate with much pleasure, congratulating the winners of tournaments :)

Knights tournament in Kaltenberg Castle da Planturista Blogger
The world's largest knight tournament in the Bavarian medieval castle