Italy Sardinia Rolex Cup Planturista
02.09.18 - 08.09.18

International championship of maxi size yachts Rolex Cup is held each year in Sardinia during strong winds of late-summer sea. Such rough sea creates the necessary feeling of drive and marine hazards for professional yacht sailors.

As venue of the championship with exceptional level of prestige there was chosen the italian island of Sardinia because of beauty, uniqueness and naturalness of its sea coasts.

Visit Sardinia in September to swim in pure sea, to take sunbaths on beautiful beaches, to taste italian specialties of fresh fish and to explore closely the super mega huge yachts of the International championship Rolex Cup :)

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup International yachting championship da Planturista Blogger
Maxi yachting Rolex Cup in the italian island of Sardinia