Italy Alba White Truffle Fair Planturista
06.10.18 - 25.11.18

Truffle – the word itself is already synonym of luxury. And white truffle (italian, piemontese) is the most valuable and expensive because of its rarity.

White truffle fair in the Italian town Alba is dedicated to this noble and rare mushroom. Fanciers of white truffles can explore the whole represented range and choose the best ones, while the newcomers will finally be able to see this delicacy closely :)

The fair lasts over a month and consists of many culinary and folk events.

There is fair itself, where the white truffles are presented in all the assortment, and truffle show, where top chefs will show their skills of cooking this expensive product, and interesting folklore and historical events e.g. medieval fair and medieval feast.

International White Truffle fair in Alba da Planturista Blogger
The kingdom of white truffle - fair, truffle show and medieval feast