Italy Bologna Soup Festival Della Zuppa Planturista

Soup Festival in Bologna (Gran Festival Internazionale della Zuppa) is the gastronomic festival – competition of cooking the most tasty soup.

By tradition, the festival begins with the official registration of all soups cooked by competitors. After soup registration and opening ceremony the most important part of the Soup festival begins: soup feast right in the street!

Fans of delicious Italian soups gather around large boilers with soups, cooked by participants of the competition. Everyone already has the necessary set for eating soup – a soup plate and a big spoon :)

It is also important not to forget to have a piece of bread, which for sure will be eaten as “la scarpetta” – literally translated from Italian as “a small shoe”: a piece of bread, which is used for mopping up the last of the sauce or soup from the plate. “Fare la scarpetta” means that the dish is so delicious that there is wish to eat every last bite. Scarpetta – is an image of authentic Italy with its homemade pasta, lasagne and soups, that is the atmosphere of Italy, which can be found not in expensive restaurants, but only in Italian homes at friendly family dinners.

Tasty mood of the Soup festival is complemented by music, theater and circus performances, arranged in the street in the midst of the soup feast :)

International Soup Festival in Bologna da Planturista Blogger
Italian soup and "scarpetta" of bread - the authentic home atmosphere of Italy