Italy Riccione Fireworks Festival Beach Pyrotechnics Planturista
27.05.16 - 29.05.16

International Fireworks Festival in Riccione is the fireworks competition of pyrotechnics teams from different countries. The teams from Spain, Austria and Italy arrange the fireworks show right on the beach of the famous Italian resort, in the night sky over the Adriatic Sea and beach discos.

Very active and stylish resort town of Riccione, located just a few kilometers from Rimini on the Adriatic coast, captivates all its guests with golden sand beaches, tree-lined streets with boutiques of the world-famous brands, night clubs, discos and beach parties. Riccione is one of the most get-together places in Italy, and in comparison with the same active but more democratic Rimini, Riccione is more luxury resort, adored by young tourists and often visited by celebrities.

For three days bright fireworks will be shining right over the nightclubs and beach parties of Riccione, and on May 29th guests of the festival are awaited for the final fireworks party with the ceremony of awarding the winners.

International Fireworks Festival in Riccione da Planturista Blogger
Fireworks show on the beach in "The Green Pearl of the Adriatic"