Italy Venice Film Festival Biennale Planturista
29.08.18 - 08.09.18

The Film Festival in Venice is held within the world-famous Biennale, a program of events on the theme of the arts, during which Venice invites guests to visit exhibitions, performances and other cultural events related to art.

The Venice Film Festival (ital. Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica) is the very first film festival in the world and it attracts world stars and famous Hollywood actors every year.

The standard venue for the Venice Film Festival is Lido Island, which is really a real island surrounded by water and not connected to the mainland by any bridges.

Movie actors arrive on island Lido on usual motor boats, named “the Venetian taxi”, or more precisely – “water taxi” (ital. taxi acqueo).

Usually, a water taxi works mainly for tourists, and for the festival – also as a VIP taxi for actors and celebrities who arrive to the island pier and immediately are immersed in the flurry of applause and a crowd of fans.

And then, of course, they are waited by the red carpet, surrounded by hundreds of professional photographers trying to catch all the actors, actresses and world stars who are pleased to present designer dresses, which for the next few months will be the focus of attention of all secular gossip and Glossy magazines.

But the main goal and dream of all filmmakers and film actors who arrive from all over the world to the famous Italian island Lido is of course to receive the main award of the Venice Film Festival: The Golden Lion, awarded for the best film.

International Film Festival in Venice da Planturista Blogger
The Golden Lion "hunters" on the Venetian island of Lido