Switzerland Locarno Film Festival Planturista
01.08.18 - 11.08.18

The world-famous International Film Festival in Locarno, a touristic city in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino in Switzerland, has been held since 1946 and it attracts annually hundreds of thousands of moviegoers, film actors and filmmakers.

Guests of the Film festival arrive to watch the premiere screenings of films, discuss novelties of the author’s films, meet with famous actors and simply feel the atmosphere of a grandiose cinematic event.

Locarno Film Festival is the fourth most important and famous among European film festivals after Cannes, Venice and Berlin.

Movies can be watched in 10 cinemas of the city, as well as in an Open-air cinema in the central square where they install a huge screen, and 8,000 (!) viewers can comfortably watch the novelties of cinema right under the starlit evening sky of Locarno.

The symbol of the Film festival in Locarno and the award for the best films – “The Golden Leopard“, which conquers the city for all 10 days of the festival. It’s easy to guess that every year leopard coloring is the main trend of the Film festival in Locarno :)

International Film Festival in Locarno da Planturista Blogger
The fourth most important European Film festival with an open-air stage and a huge screen