Italy Sardinia GiroTonno Fair Festival San Pietro Carloforte Planturista
24.05.18 - 27.05.18

The Festival – fair Girotonno (roundelay of tuna) is held each year on the small island of San Pietro, located just near the coast of Sardinia.

The Italian island of Sardinia has already been for many centuries famous of fisheries and especially tuna fishing – very tasty and nutritious fish. Tuna is taken here mainly in the period of April – May, when fish goes in large shoals from the Atlantic to Sicily and appears close to the coast of Sardinia. Fish goes with such a high speed that the fishermen call such tuna as “tonno di corsa” – fast running tuna – which is considered to be the most tasty and valuable.

The Girotonno festival in the small town of Carloforte is entirely devoted to tuna: degustations, fish fair, master-classes and competitions of chefs from many countries of the world for cooking the best dishes of tuna.

Apart the fish activities, the festival Girotonno also offers to get acquianted with the island of Sardinia: to visit the fair of Sardinian products and delicacies, to enjoy with sunbaths on the magnificent beaches, and in the evening to attend the famous Italian singers’ concerts held during the festival right on the island of San Pietro.

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Tuna of the highest quality and the sunny beaches of Sardinia