Italy Marostica Human Chess Game Scacchi Planturista
07.09.18 - 09.09.18

The legend of the Human Chess Game dates back to 1454 when Marostica belonged to the Venetian Republic.

It happened that the two noblemen fell in love with the beautiful daughter of the Lord of Marostica.

The Lord decided that the two rivals should have played a Chess Game: his daughter would take the winner as her husband.

The Chess match should have taken place on the square in front of the Lower Castle on a feast-day with armed living person carrying the noble ensigns of Whites and Blacks, in the presence of the Lord, his noble daughter, the noble court and the entire population.

He also decided the challenge had be honored by a performance of armed men, foot soldiers and knights, with fireworks, dances and sounds.

This event is repeated today just like the first time, in a framework of sumptuous customs, multi-color banners, martial parades and exquisite elegance.

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Medieval chess fight with fireworks and dances