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The first king of Hungary – St. Stephen – 1000 years ago founded the Hungarian state in order to strengthen it and protect against foreign invasions. In honor of him in Hungary every year 20th August is one of the main holidays – the Day of St. Stephen.

St. Stephen’s Day in Hungary is nation-wide celebration with official ceremonies and entertainments.

The main venues of the official part of the holiday in the Hungarian capital – Kossuth Square in front of the Parliament and Heroes’ Square. The official ceremony begins in the morning with raising of the flag of Hungary in Kossuth Square. Then Open Day is held in the building of the Hungarian Parliament.

On the same day – traditional ceremonial procession Blessing of the bread and harvest, that’s why this day is also called the “Day of the new bread“.

In the evening the day ends with spectacular half-hour fireworks launched from the ships on the Danube in the center of Budapest.

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Holiday of Hungary with the various official and entertaining activities