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In the Middle Ages noblewomen had no right to choose their husbands: it was made by their family, and even more – by the political situation in the country and in the world. Weddings were organized by political convenience and celebrated with appropriate aplomb and grandiosity.

One of the most famous weddings of medieval Europe was the marriage in 1475 between the Bavarian Duke and the daughter of the Polish king. The wedding was held in the town of Landshut, and it has impressed so much all the locals and the whole Europe, that since the beginning of the 20th century till the present times, in the city of Landshut, there has been held the theatricalcostumed festival Landshut Wedding (Landshuter Hochzeit), visited by hundreds of thousands of the visitors.

Historical festival in Landshut is performed only once in 4 years, but each time the result lives up to expectations. Locals are engaged in the preparation of Landshut Wedding with great enthusiasm and responsibility. They invent medieval hairstyles, sew outfits of the 15th century, clean the golden carriages: everything should shine and sparkle, as it was at the wedding in the medieval aristocratic Bavaria.

Finally on Sunday, at the day of Landshut Wedding, the wedding procession appears in the center of the town – with the bride and groom in a golden carriage, surrounded by thousands of guests in historical costumes. All of them go to the Town Hall in the town center, where the real Duke wedding was held.

And after the wedding – as it should be in the times of the Middle Ages – there are jousting tournaments and medieval wedding feast :)

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Bavarian wedding of medieval aristocrats and jousting tournaments