Italy Ivrea Historical Carnival Battle Oranges Planturista
10.02.18 - 13.02.18

The Historical carnival in the Italian town of Ivrea has been held for several centuries, and it is incredibly popular among both locals and numerous guests. The Carnival is based on the medieval legend of the fight of people against despotism of medieval authority.

During the Carnival days, there are a variety of events on the theme of the history of the Carnival and the town of Ivrea, historical parades and medieval theater performances. But the main feature and the main part of this Italian carnival is the Battle of the Oranges.

Battle of the Oranges is held between the two parties. The first – people in helmets, standing on the carts and actively throwing oranges to the crowd around. And the second combatant – 9 teams of thousands of citizens, without helmets, absolutely unprotected by anything but throwing oranges at people on carts with equal enthusiasm. This scenario is just the essence of the idea expressed in the Carnival – the fight of people against medieval despotism. Totally several thousands of participants and some hundred tonnes of oranges take part in Battles of the Oranges!

The detailed program of the Carnival – see in the official website.

Historical Carnival of Ivrea in Italy da Planturista Blogger
The Carnival with the battle of tons of oranges