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Every year thousands of people take out a gorilla suit from their wardrobes, wear it, and run in a big crowd near the Tower Bridge and other sights of central London!

The funny sports event Great Gorilla Run is organized in London not just to entertain the participants and tourists, but with a serious purpose of helping North African gorillas. Presently there are only 880 mountain gorillas in the world, and their quantity decreases. Participants of this run try to attract attention to this situation and to raise funds for its solving.

8-kilometers distance passes through the central streets of the city, so runners are constantly surrounded with attention and cheer of locals and visitors of London.

Gorilla suit is included in registration cost and you can keep it then. And after the finish and awards ceremony the party is organized for the “gorillas”, where they can enjoy a well-deserved glass of banana juice :)


Great Gorilla Run in London da Planturista Blogger
Thousands of running people in gorilla costumes in the center of London